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The Power of Ownership

The Power of Ownership-Book 2
November 6, 2016
The Paradigm is Shifting Again
May 4, 2017

A tale about the importance of taking control in business and life

A n allegory about three squirrels from Upheaval shows the consequences of complacency and not taking ownership of life’s challenges. The purpose of Michael’s In a Nutshell Series is to emphasize the importance of taking control in business and in life as opposed to just taking what comes..

The message is: positive results, enjoyment, and success in life and in business are derived from taking ownership.

Other specific messages in this first book in the series are:

    • Own what you do and be ready to adapt.

    • Recognize the signs of change and challenge.

    • Teamwork is a must for success.

    • Strive to take your processes and efforts to the next level.

    • There is no place for complacency.

    • Last-minute preparation only reduces the level of vulnerability.

    • Prepare for opportunity and you will recognize it when it arrives.

“…a simple story that points out the power of preparing for future change and how to live through it! A must-read for all ages.”

-Rick Kiehle, President and CEO, Garrison Digital Solutions, Inc.

“Michael’s message of the strength of positive approach and ownership is a timely one in today’s work environment.”

-James Dahl, President, Former Communications Family Credit Union

“Michael Khouri hits the nail on the head. Required reading for all my front-line supervisors.”

-Carl Howard, Chief Executive Officer, Service Master Absolute, south-central Michigan