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The Paradigm is Shifting Again

The Power of Ownership
November 8, 2016
The Power of One
May 7, 2017

Taking a Step Backward and Forward

Sometimes it is helpful to step back and get a wider view of an event to better understand the dynamics at work. That statement is very applicable to today’s business landscape. Up close we know that technology and policy are causing tremendous challenge.

We also see the resulting unpredictability in the business world transcending

to our personal lives. We are going through change that is more dramatic and impacting than what was experienced in the Industrial Revolution.

We are in the Technology Revolution. Simply put, this New Revolution ignited by technological and policy change has occurred over a short 30-year period. The Industrial Revolution transformation took place over a 200-year period.

The Business Landscape is being re-defined before our very eyes. Technology has made obsolete every day terms used in describing processes, procedures, operations, and marketing. Many business professionals will tell you they can’t keep up with the pace of change they have seen in their industry.


If you wonder why you feel uncomfortable with all these dynamics happening in our economic, work, and social world, there is good reason. Consider some of the following elements that were emerging during the Industrial Revolution that impacted the economy, business, and people’s lives:

1. Product Origination Redefined

2. Product Development Redefined

3. Dramatic Increase in Number of

Products Available

4. Technology Replaced Jobs; Jobs Redefined

5. Competition Redefined

6. Markets Evolved and Redefined

7. Processes Redefined

8. Time Management Became a Factor

9. Family Order Disrupted

10. Perpetual Change/Adaptation

Do all of the above sound familiar? The Industrial Revolution forced people into a major paradigm shift. Today, we are experiencing that same paradigm shift but at an accelerated pace.

The good news? What may seem to be a state of disarray may really be infinite opportunity in the making. After all, we survived and prospered through the first revolution, we can do the same in this one.