May 7, 2017

The Power of One

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May 4, 2017

The Paradigm is Shifting Again

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September 8, 2016

Challenge the Status Quo; Own Your Future

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About Michael Khouri

M ichael Khouri's business career spans over forty years managing in many industries that include working regional operations through mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and growth transitions. He is the Chief Operating Officer/Executive VP for Commercial Exchange, Inc., and President of MDK Business Solutions. He previously served as a broadcast television ABC Affiliate and NBC Affiliate VP/General Manager and CellularOne Wireless General Manager.

Michael delivers professional development and motivational presentations to local, regional, and national companies and organizations on how to take control in business and in life as opposed to just taking what comes.

From Hiss to Bliss Cover

Michael Khouri Releases New Children's Book

M ichael D. Khouri is pleased to announce the release his first children's book, "From Hiss to Bliss". Through the tale of a stray cat, From Hiss to Bliss honors the trials and heartache of a cat in search of a forever home. This message of hope is dedicated to children of all ages as a reminder to never give up on a dream, and that anything is possible when you keep hope alive.
From Hiss to Bliss can also be a message of hope for children whose lives are caught up in the foster-care/adoption cycle--this book is also a useful tool for parents and professionals that work with children who are displaced from their birthparents and birth families.
From Hiss to Bliss is now available at Amazon and at a variety of other booksellers.

Newest Book in Series Set for Early 2019 Release

M ichael D. Khouri is pleased to announce the release of Book 3 of The Power of Ownership four-book series. The projected release date is early 2019. The journey of the squirrels from Upheaval continues as they progress from a life of “just taking what comes” to a life of “taking charge and taking control.”
The Power of Ownership is the fiction version of “15 Ways to Own Your Future”, release by John Hunt Publishing in 2019.
Messages conveyed in 15 Ways To Own Your Future & The Power of Ownership Four-Book Series to business professionals are:
      • The importance of good collaboration
      • Work/life integration and balance are keys to enjoyment in life
      • Seek to make your business and personal world a better place
      • Take the “job” out of work
Release date will be announced soon.  Please check back for updates.

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