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The Power of Ownership-Book 2

Challenge the Status Quo; Own Your Future
September 8, 2016
The Power of Ownership
November 8, 2016

The continuing tale about the importance of taking control in business and life

A s Michael’s allegory continues, the three squirrels from Upheaval realize the negative consequences of not making choices—and they begin to understand the advantages of taking control of their lives.

The business and personal messages in this second book of the In a Nutshell Series are:

    • Collaboration is created, not simply given.

    • Create what you want to be and how you want to live.

    • Development starts with confrontation.

    • Development does not happen overnight.

    • Formulate a plan before chaos arrives.

    • Last-minute preparation only reduces the level of vulnerability.

    • Success comes from learning from your failures.

“…a simple story that points out the power of preparing for future change and how to live through it! A must-read for all ages.”

-Rick Kiehle, President and CEO, Garrison Digital Solutions, Inc.

“Michael Khouri hits the nail on the head. Required reading for all my front-line supervisors.”

-Carl Howard, Chief Executive Officer, Service Master Absolute, south-central Michigan

“Michael’s message of the strength of positive approach and ownership is a timely one in today’s work environment.”

-James Dahl, President, Former Communications Family Credit Union