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The Power of One

The Paradigm is Shifting Again
May 4, 2017
15 Ways to Own Your Future
May 18, 2017

Passionate Engagement is an Individual Responsibility

Ask 10 business professionals what their toughest challenge is in this economic land­scape and you may get 10 different answers. One challenge not mentioned may be the high number of uninterested and unengaged employees.

The good news is that this is something an individual and businesses can do something about. When businesses create a pro­active working environ­ment, one in which there is good communication, employees are made aware of the objectives, given opportunities to learn and take owner­ship of their position, you have engagement. Your success is directly affected by employee de­velopment.


There are five key ar­eas that affect a business’s success: people, culture (work environment), processes, strategy and the quality of product. People and culture were listed first for a significant reason. In my 35 years of management experience, I’ve seen the strong correlation between people/culture and success. It is the people and the cul­ture that impacts the processes, creates the strate­gies, and determines the quality of the product.

Dan Coryell, former NFL coach once said, “the country is full of good coaches; what it takes to win is interested players.” We can spend unlimited time trying to improve processes, product and creating strategy. However, if our team is not inter­ested, we are just going through the motions.

What makes the issue of employee engagement so important today?

Shockingly, national polls show that 45% to 75% of business profes­sionals are distracted and disengaged (depending on poll and industry). This means they are not giving full attention to what they are doing. If you doubt this for a minute, reflect on the customer service experiences you have had over the last year.

Without focused exe­cution nothing gets done. In my book The Power of Ownership, an alle­gory about focused en­gagement through self-accountability, the point is made that we only have two choices when it comes to anything-we either take control (Own­ership), or we just take what comes. Taking Own­ership can result in businesses and individuals ac­complishing things they never thought possible, adverse conditions or not.

For a business, Ownership occurs in a self-ac­countability work environment where employees have a passion for what they do. For us as individu­als it means looking at ourselves as a business en­tity - focused on individual and team success. This is how we create our own present, a secure future for us as individuals and the business we work for.

In The Power of Ownership, two communities of squirrels experience opposite results in working through a major storm. Their differing perspec­tives on interest and engagement create different results. It is an example of how fate is defined well before it ever arrives.

We are in the middle of a storm today – a chal­lenging economy, an evolving and ever-changing business landscape, and individual uncertainty about what tomorrow brings. It is a storm that can be overcome with dedication, cooperation, and passionate engagement. It starts with interest and full engagement-Ownership, and it goes from there.